Long time no see

/ April 06, 2016 /
this is just a flash update of my boring and pathetic life, since no one will read it anyway. i just noticed that this is the 4th month of 2016 and the last time I post something was like the about the time dinosaurs existed which was somewhere around august, '15. so... yeah?


i miss writing. really.

i really wanted to write something here. i always do. i have never forgotten the fact that i have this weird blog with the most idiot title. among the nagging my mom always said about how i wasted my "talents" (as if i have any lol what a joke) by doing nothing, i always think maybe i should just start somewhere and drop a post about a thing or two. who cares if it just a post about my little sister or about korean drama i just watched or about how do i diy my face and hair mask every saturday.

i really like to write and i want to write something actually worth to write about. it is such a pain seeing myself only able to write about my writers' block like.. that is not even a proper material to write about, let alone be my first post since eight months.

but whenever i tried to write about something (mostly fiction stuffs) even before i could reach about 500 words, i stopped. and this fucking annoying part of my brain started to tell me, "it's a trash, it's a trash."

sooo annoying,

i really miss those time where i just had something random popped out in my head and i was like, 'yeah, let's write about it.' really, i cringed so hard and face palmed myself when i read something i wrote from two or three years ago. actually, no, i cringed at everything i wrote whether it is yesterday or years ago. but something i miss about those cringy post is that i post it, i made it, i don't care who read it. i wrote for myself, just for fun. if people like it, it's a big bonus.

you know what? there's a saying that 'i'm busy' is an excuse. no matter who said it, when it is said, it's always an excuse. they said nobody is busy, it is just a matter of priority. sure, i have free time to spazz about kpop or making gifs (newest obsession aha! haha); i have time for doing my assignment for six hours a day (no kidding); i have infinite time for playing with my little cousin (bcs she is the most adorable little thing in the universe); but when it comes to writing, i always feel like i don't have time. even for a paragraph--for something nobody would read. i have personally been avoiding social medias like a plague (i begin to think those are cancerous) and this is the only place i often share my feelings or opinions about something but look how easy it is for me to abandon this place like it is nothing.

well this is just short rants. idk, let me know if you read until this point. xo!

Rekomendasi Film! (Dan Film Lain-lain)

/ Agustus 28, 2015 /
Semenjak dua minggu sakit, pekerjaan di rumah cuman tiduran, hadep kiri-hadep kanan, dan nonton film. Buat masalah film, aku lebih rewel daripada masalah novel :') sepuluh menit pertama itu saat kritis dimana aku lanjut nonton atau langsung stop film nya karena ga suka. Ini beberapa rekomendasi film berbagai genre aku (dan film-film lain heheh)

(Secara enggak penting) daftar rekomendasi ini dibagi jadi dua, Action dkk dan Romance dkk.

a/n (1): inget ya, bukan expert film jadi pengetahuan filmnya terbatas
a/n (2): inget ya, daftar film semuanya sebjektif, subjektif, SUBJEKTIF
a/n (3): recommend me more movies, folks! :)

Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

1. Speed (1994)

If you love Speed, you're my bestfriend. Sumpah enggak bisa bilang seberapa seneng sama film ini. Keanu Reeves muda :( kenapa cakep banget. Action yang intens dan campuran sedikit romance, bikin film ini gemesin.

15 Picture Challenge!

/ Agustus 11, 2015 /
heyya, folks.
setelah lama cuman ngisi blog sama tulisan-tulisan ga penting, curhatan-curhatan yang ga jelas, kayaknya hidup semakin monoton (plsss) so here i am doing 15 picture challenge. pengen pos gambar doang, tapi i cant help but add some sugar text on my favorite things in the world weheheheh

day 01 - a picture of yourself with ten facts

  1. mahasiswa semester tiga. yeaaaa, am on sophomore year babyyyy!
  2. uda hilang hitungan berapa orang yang bilang, "masih smp, ya?"
  3. bisa tidur 14++ jam. pernah begadang nonton kdrama sampe subuh, abis itu baru tidur. mama pulang kerja jam tiga sore, buka pintu kamar... MASIH TIDUR.
  4. my eyes are swollen so easily like, when i got a good cry, the after effect is not people reacted in a way "are you crying last night?" it is more like "wtf is happen to your eyes" seriously it is fcking awful.
  5. i like people with innocent appearance
  6. nggak percaya sama (sifat berdasarkan) golongan darah atau sama zodiak. seriussss wee, tujuh triliun orang di bumi dan kita kategorisasi sifatnya jadi 4 atau 12? impossible.
  7. my favorite features: eyes (soalnya mataku besar, tapi pernah ada yang bilang kebesaran kayak alien ;_; how rude!) fingers (pendek-pendek dan jelek, tapi pernah ada yang bilang lucu kayak jarinya bayi) eyebrows (i think my natural eyebrows slayyyy)
  8. gapunya warna favorit. sepanjang itu pastel, ga masalah mau merah ijo biru kuning jingga violet.
  9. i'm afraid to accept the act that i can't go out of home without feeling like looking 10/10
  10. mie instan favorit: abc pedas rasa sup merah

day 02 - a picture of the cast from your favorite show 

jujuurrr, nonton i remember you karena d.o main disana. akting d.o bagus, tetep cute walaupun jadi psikopat wkwkw, seo inguk cakep~ ceritanya kerenn.

tapi gabisa munafik. bertahan nonton 80% gara gara park bogum!

day 03 - a screenshot of your wallpaper

day 04 - a picture of your favorite band or artist

day 05 - a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without  

day 06 - a picture of something you want to do before you die 

day 07 - a picture of someone who inspires you  

"the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you."

(my favorite kind of senpai.)

day 08 - a picture of somewhere you'd love to travel 

*sigh* #visitmaldives2030

day 09 - a picture of your sibling(s)

day 10 - a picture of something you wish you were better at 

pengen jago main piano.

(tapi, banyak sih sebenernya.)

sebagai orang yang payah, kalo ditanya "pengen lebih baik dalam bidang apa?" oh, banyak. main musik, olahraga, masak, ngelukis, ngedance (? biar bisa battle dance sama jongin bahahah) nyanyi, ngelucu, nulis, bahkan matematika.

day 11 - a picture of your favorite book 

day 12 - a picture of something you make yourself 

day 13 - a picture of your favorite beverage

day 14 - a picture of your celebrity crush 

dylan o'brien being a hot nerd. give me this and i give up on my life, living in the jungle with llama and alpaca

day 15 - a picture of your favorite movie character

shinichi kudo is so precious<3 I wish we could get human version of him..

[ONESHOT] Too Young, Too Dumb

/ Agustus 10, 2015 /

kai/krystal. 1409 words. 
party!au. PG. Warning for unneccessary (not really) dirty words.

"..aku tidak bisa berurusan denganmu. Jadi, aku bersikap seolah-olah ini salahmu dan aku ingin punya alasan untuk menghindar darimu."

(Baby I just want you back, I want you back, I want you back.)

Random Thoughts #01

/ Juli 26, 2015 /
You can blood sweat and tears, rip your cage and break your arms for someone who meant the universe to you. They can ask you for a glass of water and you wait for ages, filling it drops by drops. They can ask you for rain, and you pray day by day to the sky and earth and the galaxy. They can ask you for flower and you can plant it by seed, waiting for years for it to bloom and cut it.

But then there's this one who came up to them with the entire of ocean, the storms and the rainbows, the garden of flower and the spring and the season to them, and you know you can never win this one.


I want to write something so badly but idiot me couldn't come up with something longer so from now on I'll just have this something-random-something hahah.

As you've may notice (or you may not) I just post something I actually write on my notes, my phone's notes. This is just as random as I want crispy chicken wings or rainbow macaron, so yeah.. this random thoughts tag is gonna be so weird ahahah

This honestly pretty frustating. Okay, this has nothing to do with my random thoughts tag, But lately I tried to dive into something different. I tried to play my keyboard again, make random videos, watch alot of movies, hell I even tried painting on canvas. I don't really know if I would score all of my efforts to be productive as a big zero. But watch me as I do nothing for days heol ;_; Of all the love, the seasons, and the universe I choose to be this unproductive btch who curled up in her bed and listened to crappy songs. All day.

Idk, forgive me I murder english xo;)
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