Random Thoughts #01

/ Juli 26, 2015 /
You can blood sweat and tears, rip your cage and break your arms for someone who meant the universe to you. They can ask you for a glass of water and you wait for ages, filling it drops by drops. They can ask you for rain, and you pray day by day to the sky and earth and the galaxy. They can ask you for flower and you can plant it by seed, waiting for years for it to bloom and cut it.

But then there's this one who came up to them with the entire of ocean, the storms and the rainbows, the garden of flower and the spring and the season to them, and you know you can never win this one.


I want to write something so badly but idiot me couldn't come up with something longer so from now on I'll just have this something-random-something hahah.

As you've may notice (or you may not) I just post something I actually write on my notes, my phone's notes. This is just as random as I want crispy chicken wings or rainbow macaron, so yeah.. this random thoughts tag is gonna be so weird ahahah

This honestly pretty frustating. Okay, this has nothing to do with my random thoughts tag, But lately I tried to dive into something different. I tried to play my keyboard again, make random videos, watch alot of movies, hell I even tried painting on canvas. I don't really know if I would score all of my efforts to be productive as a big zero. But watch me as I do nothing for days heol ;_; Of all the love, the seasons, and the universe I choose to be this unproductive btch who curled up in her bed and listened to crappy songs. All day.

Idk, forgive me I murder english xo;)

Have you, people?

/ Juni 25, 2015 /
Have you ever walked accross the street and met somebody you used to be so close with and you're like, "Hey, how's life?" And you both decided to take a cup of coffee and talk about old days and nowadays and somewhere in between. You enjoyed their stories, you laughed, you realized there were barely anything changes and that stuff feels so good.

Or have you ever listened to old music you used to listen all the time back then, randomly played from your old playlist or radio channel. You remembered every memories that come accross with it, and you smiled. Sudddenly, you found yourself sing that song and actually remember the lyrics words by words.

Or have you ever cleaned your room and you found that old stuff which meant so much for you years ago but you forgot as time goes by? Have you ever found yourself smiling at old pictures taken ages ago? Have you ever read your old diaries and you laughed because you just can't believe you wrote that kind of thing? Have you ever smelt someones perfume and it reminds you of somebody's scent who used to be your favorite person?

Have you, and do you like it? ;)


a/n: just random thought on my cellphone's notes and kind of idiot, but.. you know.. lol.

You're more wonderful than the universe.

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Perfection is boring.

And ugly.

Too bad, too many people crave for it. Dan bukan salah mereka, ya kan? The idea of perfection is so shining and brilliant they're being blinded by it. Idk what other expect from me, but I never expect perfection from people. It's like asking the sky to be blue the whole day and night. And it's no fun, ya kan?


/ Februari 21, 2015 /
Being 18 is weird.

I have no idea how can I come up with that conclusion, because once I state it in front of people in their 40s, they will look at me like, "No. 18 is fun. 18 isn't weird."

Because how can you call it fun being 18 when you wanted to stay at your bed all day like 70, when you wanted to call your stupid doodles as a piece of 'art' like you were 5. When everyone else expected you to act like 37 but treat you like you're 12. How can you call it fun when you don't want to write your essay and just pouring idiotic phrases and make it 5 pages long on your college assignment like you're still in the middle school, and how can you expect an 18 being wise and already thinking about their future and what they wanna do when only feel like yesterday they still ask if they can go to bathroom like they're still in the high school?

And they think you fall in love like you are 23. Fall hard.

18 is just a matter of a number. You can see me being 18 and act like 7 on some days, and maybe 28 on the other days. It's like being 17 or 19. There are barely any differences. You think being 18 is fun but is it only me that think being 6 is more fun?

But I guess, whatever it is, 18 is still just a number and I still go figure out what's going on.


/ Desember 07, 2014 /
It surprises me now how can someone be so winner and how the other be so loser.

Sadly, I'm the second.

Surprising, right? At least, buat aku. How can someone be so simple and saying that he'll fly to Europe just like he'll eat salad for breakfast. Like "nothing's big!" Gundulmu, itu pencapaian gede banget!

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