Dear 2013, PLEASE BE AWESOME: Catatan Akhir Tahun

/ Desember 31, 2012 /

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Hi, 2013!

And, ups! Au revoir 2012! Thanks for being good enough so far. I love you but perhaps 2013 want to be nicer to me. ;)

Here's some note for 2013:

  1. Welcome, you. Yes you! I'm talking to the year lmao
  2. 2013 and I, are going to break the infinity.
  3. Wish you would be my cup-of-tea year.
  4. Pleaseeeee be good to me! Friend, maybe?
  5. Start a new beginning with you.
  6. I'm so glad you come. Not that you would've not.
  7. Dont be a basic jerk.
  8. Sounds like I blame you too much. lol. Actually, you--no, we--are going to be awesome.
  9. And let us start.

And, 2013, for your information, I have to do something while you're in. Like:
  1. Stop trying to give up (even tho I know I would)
  2. Being a more optimistic-kind-of-person.
  3. Smile more! Nag less!
  4. Doing something I love in more passion and intension.
  5. Read more books. Drink more tea. (steal this one on tumblr)
  6. Sweat, laugh, and repeat.
  7. Ctrl + Alt + Del all the things that crap me out lately and just forget them.
  8. Look so great in 2013 and starting all of this next year. Cant believe I'm even already thinking about 2014. Haha
In one sentence, my resolution is:

Find someone who looks like a Cho Kyuhyun, has a voice like Cho Kyuhyun, personally like Cho Kyuhyun and find the real Cho Kyuhyun!

Wait, what?!
All I know, in the last 40 minutes of 2012 is the way of saying:

Happy new year everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor. :) 
Enjoy 2013 and don't you look back. Ever.


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