30 Days Challenge

/ September 17, 2012 /
I just tumblr-walking (what kind of phrase is that?) and I found another challenge. Again x)
I mean, I love to do it! Such a funny thing to do. Most of  my time I spend to think about other people, and not-so-important-stuffs. So, this post will be just about ME (maybe few people, too). And according to the rules, I have to write it one by one. Start from today! Enjoy, and you can also answer or make it by yourself ;) xoxo

Warning: Sorry for the bad and maybe wrong grammars. You know, I'm not speaking English as my daily convo. Hard as hell -_- Asians must be have a weird addiction to Engrish cause they do it EVERYTIME and so do I. Lmao

DAY 1: What you like people to call you?

I used to tell my very bestfriend, that I think, the closest person(s) I'll ever be, always call me Chey
It just some of 'kealayan' when I was at middle school. But I love it as ever!

Most people call me Sheila. Sure, that's my nickname. But some people who don't understand about the art-of-name (?) sometimes call me Novre, Estu, etc. But what I hate the most is people who call me Nofres! I would like to be call Mrs. Cho too, though my Korean surname would be Han. Haha~

So that's it. I would like people to call me Chey. Personally, it feels like they do know me for a long while. Like we're bestfriend or something like that.

DAY 2: The best teacher you've ever had?

Hmmm. If there are times when I feels like I met someone who has an extra portion of her brain, uses both side of herself, cares and logic, it'd be my elementary school teacher. Hi, Bu Sus. I miss you, Buuuu :'(

The main reason why she still be the best teacher for me, is that she shows my flaws, and help me through it. I'll never forget about her expressions, her smile, and even when she makes me cry. The only bad thing bout our meeting, is that we have to say goodbye. I really miss you, Bu. I really do :( Do you still remember me? Hope so.

DAY 3: Your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

The best thing about weekend, is that you don't have to wide awake at 5am, and that you don't really think about school much.

Lol, kidding. That's not the point. Okay, maybe one of. Other good thing about weekend is cartoons, hang out, and sleep alot. There's no spesific kind of thing I love to do, but I love weekend. Like everyone else does. So my fav thing to do on weekends? Idk, I don't have to describe it, do I?

DAY 4 : The best vacation you've ever gone on/ your dream vacation?

Honestly, for me, it doesn't really matter where you go. The most important point is WHOM you go with. I'm not that into vacation to far-far-away-land (you'll go there with Shrek, lol). I'd rather go with my mum. To sleep-away-land :P kiddin, again.

So, I'll describe bout my dream vacation. Well, I love Paris. Or Seoul x) It'd be with Mum. And Dad. Maybe my sister, too (or not). Simple, yet good enough. Go ahead. Next challenge...

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