Have you, people?

/ Juni 25, 2015 /
Have you ever walked accross the street and met somebody you used to be so close with and you're like, "Hey, how's life?" And you both decided to take a cup of coffee and talk about old days and nowadays and somewhere in between. You enjoyed their stories, you laughed, you realized there were barely anything changes and that stuff feels so good.

Or have you ever listened to old music you used to listen all the time back then, randomly played from your old playlist or radio channel. You remembered every memories that come accross with it, and you smiled. Sudddenly, you found yourself sing that song and actually remember the lyrics words by words.

Or have you ever cleaned your room and you found that old stuff which meant so much for you years ago but you forgot as time goes by? Have you ever found yourself smiling at old pictures taken ages ago? Have you ever read your old diaries and you laughed because you just can't believe you wrote that kind of thing? Have you ever smelt someones perfume and it reminds you of somebody's scent who used to be your favorite person?

Have you, and do you like it? ;)


a/n: just random thought on my cellphone's notes and kind of idiot, but.. you know.. lol.

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