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Being 18 is weird.

I have no idea how can I come up with that conclusion, because once I state it in front of people in their 40s, they will look at me like, "No. 18 is fun. 18 isn't weird."

Because how can you call it fun being 18 when you wanted to stay at your bed all day like 70, when you wanted to call your stupid doodles as a piece of 'art' like you were 5. When everyone else expected you to act like 37 but treat you like you're 12. How can you call it fun when you don't want to write your essay and just pouring idiotic phrases and make it 5 pages long on your college assignment like you're still in the middle school, and how can you expect an 18 being wise and already thinking about their future and what they wanna do when only feel like yesterday they still ask if they can go to bathroom like they're still in the high school?

And they think you fall in love like you are 23. Fall hard.

18 is just a matter of a number. You can see me being 18 and act like 7 on some days, and maybe 28 on the other days. It's like being 17 or 19. There are barely any differences. You think being 18 is fun but is it only me that think being 6 is more fun?

But I guess, whatever it is, 18 is still just a number and I still go figure out what's going on.

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