List of things I am not and I do not

/ Juli 29, 2014 /
- I am not a morning person
- I am not a funny little girl (not anymore)
- I am (hopefully) not a weak person
- nor I am a strong one neither
- I am not tall
- I am not an easy going and friendly kind of person
- I don't like cheese
- and I don't like cheesy stuffs/person
- I am not a socmed person (holyyyyy crap)
- I am not going crazy over Justin Bieber and Zac Efron (not anymore)
- More like I don't like those kind of faces, I adore Andrew Garfield kind of face
- I don't like wearing black
- I don't like denim jacket
- I am not a kind of person who makes the first move
- I don't speak English fluently
- or Spanish or French or Korean
- I don't really share stuffs online unless my writing
- I don't like 30 degrees and up 
- but at the same time I am not going to survive 18 degrees and below
- I don't do math well 
- I never taste alcohol and I don't like people who smoke
- I don't have an instagram account (frankly I was born in wrong century)
- because I don't like people viewing my pics
- I am not great at making diy things 
- I don't like cramp at my tummy when I got my period (more like, who does?)
- I don't think I am normal
- but it doesn't mean I think I am weird 


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