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/ Februari 18, 2014 /
"I freely admit I'm confused. I'm a confused and troubled individual but at the same time... it's free!"
- Craig Ferguson

H-60 menuju Ujian Nasional Untuk SMA Tahun 2014. :)

Some of you may have wondered why I even bother to put that smiley little face behind my mediocre sentence. Yes, you may and you will because who won't. Final exam isn't something usually welcomed with a smile. But fck, everybody pretends so why can I.

The thing is: I'm confused. It has written with a normal size of fonts, but yeah, on my head, it was like a mega super billion large fonts.

Everybode confused, you say. Or you don't say. We may have confused over the simplest thing on the universe like whether to reach the television remote control or not because you were too lazy. We may have confused whether to take a seat D or seat E on the cinema because both were good and you're so lucky you didn't know which seat was supposed to make you luckier. We may have confused about mega super cute dresses you found and there were alot of them.. of cute dresses.. and you picked one---it's alright when you didn't feel you make the best decision because at the end of the day.. you put that dress out and wear it, you know it's good.. it's always been good.

Sooo here it is, I'll tell you.

In case youre confused about the source

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