Prompts and how I half cooked them.

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Due to the writer's block annoys me lately, I went to and picked some words. It was supposedly say I've to write in one minute or less but who cares?

Anyone else wonder why it has to be 12 words? :p  /geurae ulf, naega ulfffffff.../ Forgive my english, I murder it! Bonus at the end!

#1 Cold

I thought winter, snowstorms, and icebergs are really cold things. But now, thinking about it again, if I happen to make a comparison, they're nothing compare to your cold eyes. If ice has a personality, it would be nothing cold against yours.


#2 Belated

I did not forget your birthday, sweetie, I SWEAR! It just came to my mind that saying "Happy Birthday" to someone on their D-Day is kind of mainstream. So here it is, happy belated birthday, sweetheart.

What kind of bull that belated birthday card is!


#3 Defined

What can we define about a person pretty well beside their name? It could be an adjective like 'beautiful', 'honest', 'cute', 'jerk' or 'young'. But even the word itself hasn't defined yet. A person isn't  a long hair or tanned skin, or strong jawline, or manicured nails. A person is neither a black nor a white. A person can never coming to well-defined.


#4 Struggle

"No, no! Listen to me. You thought I can never grasp the concept of a struggle just because my money works better than yours. What a messed way to think it is. For me, real struggle isn't trying to find any money to pay my bill. It is not searching all the possible way to prevent me from death because of starving and have nothing to eat. My real struggle is trying to come closer to you inch by inch, when you keep moving away from me meter by meter."


#5 Unplanned

But, just for you know, I sincerely glad I fall unplanningly for you. That I genuinely happy that our met is unplanned; our second met is unplannded; our date is unplanned; our love is unplanned. And now that I say everything at this exact moment, every word by word is also unplanned. Something so beautiful about being raw and young--untouchable yet like this.


#6 Counted

You count your feeling towards people the way you count numbers and that's why society never works on you. It is not something to be counted. Want to know why? Because it's like infinity. Double it, multiple it, divide it, plus it, minus it, it is still an infinity.


#7 Elevator

Silly and weird and idiot as it may sound, but I enjoy you 8 seconds company to the 11th floor at exactly 9.25 in the morning. What a moment. Just quiet, a little dizzy, and makes me comfort--because I know none of us has to say nothing at all. But I want you to know, I really do, that I count how many ups (or downs at 4.15) elevator that it takes to make me brave enough to start to say a simple "hello" to you.


#8 Comma ( , )

I want to tell comma that I love her, and that I understan dot ( . ) is such a big jerk. I want comma to know she's the most beautiful punctuation. I want to tell her that she helped people understand what others are trying to state way better. I want to tell her, what a nice creation she is, separated the line between "We killed that baby!" and "We killed that, baby!" Such a wonderful creation she is saving people from misunderstanding. I hope she doesn't die from sadness because people always underrated her and overrated dot. Oh, comma! I like you! Are you even friends with any other punctuation marks?


#9 Meanwhile

She thinks what an ugly wavy hair she has and how ugly the color is. Her nose is such on a wrong position and her lips don't curve the way they should. Her height isn't fit enough and her weight is so much worse. Her voice is nothing better than the sound chalk makes when it scratches the board. Her whole appearance is like a wrong mechanism and she considers it as mistake.

Meanwhile, undoubtly, he falls for her imperfection and thinks it's beautiful.


#10 Sandcastle

Let me build a sandcastle to be our home. You'd be showered by sunshine and bathed by salt water. Let the stars on certain night be your television. The wave is your celebration. nature's way to say hello to you and the seaweed will be your beautiful crown. You don't need that hat, the ray won't hurt you and the seashell's sound you hear won't betray you. Look at the open sky, look how they smile for you, warmly and nicely. I'll kiss you goodnight and I'll kiss you good morning. I'll show you my world, and promise me, you'll show yours.


#11 Hero

You think you don't look like hero but I think you look like one. Your eyes don't say it but I can see it. Your ears don't mean it but I can hear it. Your lips don't say it but I can assume it. Your gestures don't show it but I can feel it. Your heart, is burning, and that's the only thing can confirm that you're a hero and I wish you help the right people even just once. You're not being hero to be loved, supported, or shouted, You're being hero simply because someone somewhere out there needs you to be.


#12 Genetics

In lucky times, when she was in a good feeling,
"You're good like that! Thank God for your nice personality, your beautiful eyes, and your perfect smiles. You got that from me. Genetically, you're the most person I look alike... You're good like that! You're wonderful and people must thank me for your amazing DNAs. You're good like that! I won't let anyone hurts you."

And the unlucky times, when she got a bad feeling--which is the majority of the times,
"Why were you even born, b*tch!"


This should be the 13th, but since it's a bonus, I made something.. something different. From a word "Festive" someone made another wonderful prompt, thanks for the writer, whoever you areee :p

However, I'll change it to Kaistal, my forever OTP I love theeeeeem xD *squish them*

Kai walked around aimlessly. It seems that everyone was having a fun time at the celebration of their SM Week's success and he wanted to join in but he was too busy looking for a very important redhead.

Festive // Kaistal.

"Kau! Tadi aku bersumpah akan menyentil dahimu dengan menyakitkan jika sudah menemukanmu!"

Musik berdentum-dentum terdengar lebih sepi disini; dan Kim Jongin bertanya-tanya kenapa ada orang yang mau menyendiri di gudang botol minuman saat ada pesta meriah di ruang utama.

"Berdirilah. Kau harus coba bebek peking-nya. Luhan hyung bilang dia akan kesulitan menemukan bebek peking selezat itu, bahkan di China. Kau juga harus mencoba--"

"Jung Soojung, demi Tuhan yang menciptakan ayam goreng dan bebek peking, apa kau mabuk?"

Kepala merah itu mendongak. Tersenyum kecil dan matanya terbuka menyipit.

"Presdir akan memarahimu habis-habisan kalau tahu kau seperti ini! Kau mau kupanggilkan kakakmu?"

Hanya balasan sepi yang didapatkan Jongin. Ia berlutut diam dan menyibakkan rambut menyala itu. Lalu ia mengacak rambutnya sendiri dengan bingung karena bintang dan bulan dan Planet Jupiter boleh mabuk, tapi jika ini artis SM, makan CEO tidak akan memaafkannya: apalagi ini Krystal dan dia masih 20 tahun! Harusnya dia tunggu setahun lagi.

"Atau kau mau aku panggilkan Victoria?"

Pemuda itu berdiri.

"Jangan!" Ia berteriak dan memegang pergelangan tangan Jongin. "Jangan, jangan. Tetap disini.. kau, uhuk, bodoh.."

"Benar-benar mabuk rupanya. Issh, aku bahkan lebih tua beberapa bulan darimu."

Jongin terduduk di sampingnya.

"Jongin-ah, aku akan tidur. Tutup mulutmu." Lalu kepala merah itu bersandar di bahu Jongin. "Sejak kapan bahumu menjadi lebar? Apa kau rajin main.. hoahm, basket atau baseball sekarang?"

Jongin meraih segelas minuman berwarna bening dari sloki. Lalu ia memejamkan mata.

"Aku tadi mencari rambut merahmu dimana-mana. Aku takut kau tiba-tiba mengecatnya jadi coklat lagi. Tetaplah begitu, aku ingin.."

Mata Jongin rasanya berat dan ia menguap. Dengkur gadis di sebelahnya terdengar lumayan keras.

"..tetap mudah menemukanmu. Tidur nyenyak, Jung Soojung."


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